Saturday, May 31, 2008 is back!

Man was I glad that the loser who STOLE released the domain recently! He actually wanted me to buy it off him for over $1,000! What a freaking maniac! Anyways i didnt respond to his emails and then he released it and i bought it for 10 bucks! Luckily I am a cheap ass! Hahaa! Ok maybe I ain't a cheap ass? hmmm?

So its been like 1.5years since I blogged and I dont have time to go through it all!

In a nut shell I am in Los Angeles with May enjoying life and man its really my first time since I am away from all family, friends, my save places that I chill at and also STARLA! :( Man I miss that little bit*h :) Being away really makes me see what things I took for granted and what things I miss about Sydney and things I dont miss about Sydney as well.

LA is so different, the people here are nice and the food, oh my gosh its so cheap and so BAD FOR YOU! Ok I admit it... I put on like 3kgs since I arrived but I am trying to lose it cos in about 2 weeks Ill be going to Florida with May and then going on a Carribian Cruise for a week. So wish me luck in losing weight!

Last night I went with May's family to the Lakers VS Spurs game at the Staple Centre where the Lakers won the game and the Western Conference title! It was a packed house and man it was an awesome game! We all got free shirts!

Check out the pics!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I hope all is well with everyone out there!

Drop me an email when you are free or you can call me.

Oh another drama is my cell/mobile phone... the provider I am with is having issues with International txt/sms so right now I cant receive any txt/sms so the only way is to call or email.


Cool number isn't it? Yup CC got the hook ups! :D Ok did that sound like me being American? Hahah!

So the plan is to update this site regurlary so that you guys, if you are interested in CC, can get updated on him. But the question is, will I update this regularly? Hmmmm? I hope so! :)