Wednesday, September 27, 2006

OH WFT? & Sharzy

Im not trying to be rude.. but check out the photo!

I was walking the streets after golf and saw this hot RX8 with the number plate, 'OH WTF' I couldnt believe it so i took a pic using my phone! You would think that the RTA would have not allowed this plate to be created... but im guessing that the guys behind the desk arent with DA TIMES HOMIE G! ;)

I wonder who could guess the race behind the wheel? If you get it right, you will get a prize!

Well I was away during Shars big ?0 birthday... why did I do '?' im sure by looking at her you could guess that she is 20... so since it is a big number for birthdays... i took her out for a nice lunch at the Sydney Fish Markets....

Did you know:
- The 1st hour parking at the fish markets is FREE now... not sure if its weekends as well but it should be.
- Doyles now has a take away section next to their dine in section.

Shar and her seafood platter!

Golf update
Hmmm as some of you might know that I had a NSW Ameautur event last Sat and the main reason why i have not updated my blog is because i SCREWED up big time! :( I was so sad after that day and couldnt/didnt want to do an update. Played a comp today and things are ok but not liek the form i had 3 weeks ago.

As such i have started with a new coach on a weekly basis in hope to improve and to stay consistent.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

CCC = Chad Chong Cinema

Digital Rocks!

Yes I know CCC is lame but I bet it got you laughing ;) My brother Ben and I have finally decided on what we wanted for the entertainment system and its looking awesome. The picture quality is great and the sound too!

One thing that hit the back pocket was the cables, we spent like over $300 just on cables! We didnt even buy the high end stuff... if we did it would have been 4 times more!

One cool thing with this set is that I have a DVD Recorder + Internal 160G hard drive. This means I can record everything! Test it last night with the gold programs! Man golf is always on in weird hours and now it doesnt worry me as I got this new toy ;)

This box also accepts USB input hard drive, so I can put what ever I have on my pc to a usb drive and stick it into the box and watch it on the plasma. So when I want to watch the latest DVD release, I just download it from the net and 17mins later im watching it on my plasma! No need to burn it on a DVD!

Will be having a movie night soon and you are all invited!

Late notice but email me if your keen to watch the footy finals tomorrow/friday night.

On Saturday is my first golf tournament since returning from KL, this tournament is call the Cammeray Cup held at Cammeray Golf Club. Wish me luck! Will let you know how I go.

CC out!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Are you connected?

LeChaddy searching for some deals
Im in the search for a new plasma tv and a DvD HDD Recorder. So if you know anyone that can help me get it cheap then im all ears! :)

After the weekend research with my brother ben, we kinda set our hopes on a LG 42" plasma, you know the one in the add with the fish? But after some more research and some side to side comparison with the Panasonic 42" it was very clear that the Panasonic was much better... even the Standard Definition Panasonic was much clearer than the LG High Definition Plasma! So now we are kinda set on the Panasonic...

So if you know anyone that can help with a Panasonic TH42PV60A 42inch Plasma then let me know asap! :) Here is a pic of the plasma...

The next upgrade is also a DVD Recorder with a Hard Drive, so that I can record all the cool stuff on tv and watch it later.... im also upgrading my foxtel to FoxtelIQ which is soo cool!!! No i can just find out when all the golf programs are on and set it to my FoxtelIQ and it will record it for me. This will definitely make me use my foxtel more... its all about getting the most bang for your dollar.

So if you know anyone that can get deals on DVD HDD Recorders then give me a buzz as well ;)

Crave Coffee ROCKS!
Man Crave Coffee is so so yummy! After coming back from KL, I feel in love with an Australian Coffee Company called DOME which you cant find in Sydney only in Western Australia and parts of Asia including Malaysia.

Since I couldnt find DOME in Sydney, ive been looking for a bean that I would like... and Crave Coffee has fulfilled my coffee expectations!

Golf is HOT!
Played some of my best golf last week... broke a personal record last Thursday and yesterday I broke it again! For the golfers out there... I have 4 birdies and no boggies in the first 9 holes... No idea why things are working... must be the Pump classes that im attending at Fitness First :) hehehe NOT!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Photo's galore!

Gayle's Birthday

Thursday night Gayle, Tricia, Nigel and myself went to Cafe Pacifico to celebrate Gayle's 2? birthday... this cradle snatcher drunk herself silly! Mental note to all.... if you have Margaritas with a lot I mean a lot of salt... Gayle is yours!

Gayle sucking down a Margarita ;)


Tricia & Nigel. Tricia has seriously downed a full bottle of Tequila and survived!!! She is a freak!

Tricia with her Margarita and Tequila bottle ;)

Clinto's Farewell BDW Drinks!
Friday marked the end of Clintons service at BDW... He finally got the hell out of there! So to celebrate we had a big piss up... well he did and we all watched him make a fool of himself!

Dion and Clinton shooting down some Cock Sucking Cowboys ;) Well Clinton prefers to lick the Cocks Suckling Cow Gay Boys.

CC, HT & Clinton showing some love while Sharon poses for the camera :)

Clinton have a HUGE ORGASM over Sharon and Marina!

The gang loking sober :) Well only Clinton is drunk..

CC, Elainers and Leon. In this pic Elainers got her hand on my ass! How rude! Now look at her smile again and think of my ass :(

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Starla's Tricks!

No comments on how I speak to Starla! Yes I know it makes me sound like a wuss but thats my soft side ;)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006


Hi guys I received my new webcam today! I bought it from ebay for a bargin! AUD24.95!!! Im serious plus 10 bucks shipping so all in it cost me 35 bucks...

This one is a logitech cam and its an expensive one in the market!

Its awesome man!!! So now when we chat on msn or skype you can see me! Hmmm its only good if you want to see my ugly head ;)

Ok im going to make my first test movie with my webcam!

So what do you all think? Can I be the next Hollywood superstar?

Boongers in town

Eddie, Ro, Me and Rob

Tonight I meet one of my buddies that is living in Hong Kong for coffee. Ro has been in HK now for about 2 years and he is one of my mates that is following his dreams. He is a high flyer for Citibank earning mega bucks ;) But you cant tell that from his dressing ;) haha... also he has one of the biggest biceps in the world or should I say definitely the biggest of my mates.

Ro showing off his 1980s boy george look!

My cousin Rob... Love his shirt!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

El Jannah

The Best BBQ Chicken in town!

Yesterday Gayle, Sarah, Edwin and I went on a road trip to Granville for some bbq chicken Lebanese style (I think its Lebanese or Turkish, if im wrong then its some kind of middle eastern bbq chook). Ive been here before and I really love it and this place is famous... well if you never heard of it then you do now! ;)

The best thing about this place is that it comes with yummy garlic sauce, pickles green and red/pink and Turkish bread. Its so yummy.. man my mouth is watering thinking about it!

Need I not say that at the end of it... all of our plates were so clean that they didnt need to wash it... umm not really! Hehe...

Tricia couldnt come so we took away for her 2 whole chickens, 1 tug of pickles, 1 tub of garlic sauce and Turkish bread. Also a another tapow for Ben ;)

The downer about this place that it is far... very far... about 45mins drive from my place. Look I even took a pick of the distance board on the way back from Granville.

The rain in Sydney continues and I didnt get to play golf again this weekend! :( I can only look at pics of golfers now since I can play :(

Here is a pic for you :)

This picture was taken on the 2nd July 06 on the 1st tee box old course at RSGC during a teams tournament, RSGC vs KGNS. I was representing RSGC (Royal Selangor GOlf Club).

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Late night entry

2am and im kinda hooked with my blog. Went for poker tonight at Wayne's place and i brought my camera along to take photos of the night.

Was this a sad act on my side? Hmmm....

Dougie the winner of the 1st tournament and the 2nd I think cause i left when it was heads up and Dougie was infront with the chip count. Chieh in the back ground showing his love for Dougie ;)

Dougie's chip stack and winnings!

Super Starla
My little baby Starla love me so much. She always waits for her daddy to go to bed before she does. Im always on my pc on the dining table downstairs and she always waits for me on the chair behind the dining table.

She is doing it right now.... will take some pics.

Isnt she cute?!

Dragon Boating
Ok its late and I got to get up early tomorrow as I have Dragon Boat Training! Yes Dragon Boating season has started and tomorrow is the first official training session for my team Naga Spirit.

Bed time for CC.... laters!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rain rain rain

Sydney is known as a beautiful city with lots of sunshine! Utter crap! Check out the weather report for the next 4 days!

The worse thing about rain is:
- I cant play GOLF!
- Cant take Super Starla for her walks!
- Makes me want to sleep in more!

Ok the last point is not that bad. Sleeping while its raining outside is very relaxing and calming ;)

Paul's trip to KL
Pauly came to KL for 10 days last month. It was his first trip to KL and he really enjoyed his stay judging from the amount of booze he drunk ;) either it was to drown his unhappiness of KL or to live it up as KL is da boom! Hehe but he did tell me many times that he loves KL! Or should I say, 'KL is mad!'...

All we did was party every single night to 4am and some nights we sleep at 7am! Here are some photos.

- Digging into some traditional Indian Banana Leaf Rice. This place was in a full on local Indian joint. We were the only non-Indians.
- Spent a night at Genting Highlands gambling and this was the meal on the way home from Genting.

- Sugir with Paul at Luna bar. This bar is on the roof top of a hotel in KL City. Its an open air bar with a swimming pool and KL Twin Towers behind as a back drop... beautiful!
- Paul at Zouk in Singapore where my mate Felicia bought Paul a WHOLE JUG of Whisky Water!

- Joanna, Paul & Lilian at Passion/Poppy night club. Paul looking pretty trashed and the girls just looking pretty ;)
- Nick's Mitshubishi EVO Lancer racing through the streets of KL!

Will update you guys more through the week. Can just tell you everything now ;)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Im Back!!!

Le Chaddy is back in the house!

Im going to start this blogging thingy again since ive been traveling again. The funny thing is that this time im back in Sydney for a few months.

Oh if you got here via which you probably did then you need to know that is dead :( some dude in the US bought that domain. So this time is mine for the next 5 years! is as good as right?

Anyways... its late and im just checking and feeling my way through as this time around im not doing my own html, im leaving it up to the many FREE blogger sites. And this this since is supported by google, then it must be good!

Till the next post...

Be good!

Le Chaddy

This is me when i was 2 years old ;)