Monday, September 11, 2006

Boongers in town

Eddie, Ro, Me and Rob

Tonight I meet one of my buddies that is living in Hong Kong for coffee. Ro has been in HK now for about 2 years and he is one of my mates that is following his dreams. He is a high flyer for Citibank earning mega bucks ;) But you cant tell that from his dressing ;) haha... also he has one of the biggest biceps in the world or should I say definitely the biggest of my mates.

Ro showing off his 1980s boy george look!

My cousin Rob... Love his shirt!


FireAngel said...

is your cuz really good looking or is that just some really pwning photo taking skills?

The Chad said...

My skills :) No lah he is! I intro to you.. he is single!

FireAngel said...

well. what are you waiting for? ahem. :P

wait. don't tell me he is 21.

The Chad said...

Nope he is older than me! He is 28! What am i waiting for? He is in Sydney and your in KL! ;)