Saturday, September 16, 2006

Photo's galore!

Gayle's Birthday

Thursday night Gayle, Tricia, Nigel and myself went to Cafe Pacifico to celebrate Gayle's 2? birthday... this cradle snatcher drunk herself silly! Mental note to all.... if you have Margaritas with a lot I mean a lot of salt... Gayle is yours!

Gayle sucking down a Margarita ;)


Tricia & Nigel. Tricia has seriously downed a full bottle of Tequila and survived!!! She is a freak!

Tricia with her Margarita and Tequila bottle ;)

Clinto's Farewell BDW Drinks!
Friday marked the end of Clintons service at BDW... He finally got the hell out of there! So to celebrate we had a big piss up... well he did and we all watched him make a fool of himself!

Dion and Clinton shooting down some Cock Sucking Cowboys ;) Well Clinton prefers to lick the Cocks Suckling Cow Gay Boys.

CC, HT & Clinton showing some love while Sharon poses for the camera :)

Clinton have a HUGE ORGASM over Sharon and Marina!

The gang loking sober :) Well only Clinton is drunk..

CC, Elainers and Leon. In this pic Elainers got her hand on my ass! How rude! Now look at her smile again and think of my ass :(


Bex said...

Nice to know i can still keep an eye on Tiffy when Im away HAHA.

The Chad said...

Well the question is... WHO IS KEEPING AN EYE ON YOU? ;)

Kman said...

Happy birthday Gayle :)