Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Whats Chaddy been up to?

Hey all, Yes its been a while since my last update and I have good reasons ;) ok maybe not! Let me explain:

If you remember I decided to take on a new coach in Australia to keep my golf on the up since I left KL in the middle of the year. I thought that I have to commit to getting lessons on a regular basis so that when im back in KL early next year for the Clubs champs ill be at my peak.

Well things didnt turn out the way i planned. Firstly the coach I chose was not the right one for the time frame I intended for my improvements. With this dude it was basically few steps back to improve 10 steps forward. Well the few steps back turned out to be more like over 100 steps back! Seriously! My golf was soo back that when I was 13 I was literally scoring better! I was not able to hit a single proper shoot for the whole 18 holes.

I said to myself that I have to stick through this as this will improve in the long run. Im sure it will if I did stick to it but I couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel after 2months with this guy. What really did it for me was last Saturday in the clubs monthly medal I had 20 putts for the whole round and that’s a record for me. For the non-golfers, there are 18 holes and for me to do 20putts after 18 holes is excellent. Most professionals aim to putt in the high 20s. So whats wrong with this picture? With 20putts I played 11 over which is sh*t!

That started the turning pt for me as I was soo pissed with myself. Golf is the only that can get my heart boiling as you would know im a happy go lucky guy. So I was furious and ready to kill a cat! Ok maybe not physically kill an animal but I was about to hit my head with a golf club as right before I was going to do it, my brain told me that it will hurt and could possibly knock me unconscious ;) so I didn’t do it. That was how frustrated I was.

So on the Monday I played a practice round with a good mate of mine and I played to 6 over which was the first time since I started with the coach that I played to single figures. I focused on not focusing on what the coach wanted me to do, but I focused on just swinging freely to a swing that im comfortable with. The swing that the coach wanted really felt wrong to me and I couldn’t do it freely.

I started hitting sweet shoots that I haven’t felt in such a long time and the light at the end of the tunnel was glowing and with each shot it became brighter. Then on Wednesday and Thursday I played 6 over for both days again!

So hopefully things are back on track for me and im now seeking another coach but this time Im looking for a coach to help me with what I got and not the totally changed my swing.

Golf is back on track even though I have not improved from when I left KL in the middle of the year but I did learn some ‘good’ stuff from the coach. All I want to do now is to improve and get back to my top form for my Malaysian tournament on March 11 2007. That’s my goal at the moment to peak at that time.
I believe that I need to set a deadline for me to peak and what happens from now till then is not necessary important as along as when the time comes you peak. So the past two months has taught me a lot.

Ill be leaving Sydney on the 18th of Jan to head to KL to continue my campaign for the 2007 RSGC Club Championships on March 11th 2007.

So wish me luck with that! Fingers crossed!

Things have been pretty hectic in the past few weeks with Synergy since I came back from New Zealand. This is great news for me and im happy on how its improving and getting bigger in Australia.

I just launched a new campaign that targets on the Vietnamese market as Synergy is opening there in the next 6 months and im busy showing this opportunity to Vietnamese people.

So if you know business savvy Vietnamese hook me up ;)

December – Month of fitness!
I have decided to dedicate this month of December to be my month of fitness! Why? Hmmm no idea cos since representing Australia in the World Championships for Dragon Boating in Oct 2004, I really haven’t worked out at all! So I thought after 2 years I should really start again.

Without ProArgi9 (http://www.proargi9.com/) I wouldn’t be in the shape that im in currently. Seriously im more cardio fit in my life now than any time in my life before. I know it’s a big call but since starting my month of fitness ive been able to:

- Jog nonstop at an average heart rate of 168 for over 30mins (this was day 1 of the fitness campaign)

- Swim 1km nonstop (ive NEVER been able to swim more than 4 laps without resting!)

- Erg test scoring 408m for 2mins (When I was in the AUS squad I did 418m)

- Play bball for over 2hrs nonstop and after not feeling tired

The swimming test was like… WTF?! Really man I couldn’t believe it! I was shocked. Also the Erg test I was just cruzing and enjoying my self thinking that I wont do anywhere near what I did in the AuS Squad, I was literally just chatting to the guys around me and I didn’t even do a proper start on the machine. To score 408m was another…WFT?!

So the only thing Ive done is taken ProArgi9 consistently and that’s honestly improved my fitness levels some much that’s its really shocking me to bits!

Amazing Race Asia
Andrew and Syeon are still in the race on Amazing Race Asia and ive been downloading the episodes online. Its pretty cool to watch these kinds of reality shows with your friends on it. It really puts a spin on how you watch the show and im always saying like… ‘come on guys…’, ‘Run run run!’, ‘Man those boys are a little ^&*’ and so on…

Im rooting for them to win! And im sure all their mates in Sydney and Malaysia are doing the same! So far they been kicking ass and im still waiting for a blow up between them ;) But I think Andrew is too nice to get Syeon over boiling point... hmmm or maybe not!

Check out the home page at:


I was thinking if I was to do this race who would I choose? And you know who i thought off? Rebecca 'WAA LAUUUUUUUUUUU' Lau! Man cos she is know as the perfect giant by our Australian DB coach and she has fitness but also very creative which is needed in this game... i think she and I would make a deadly team in Amazing Race! So what you reckon Wauuuu Lauuuuuuuuu? ;)

Ok this been a long read and if you lasted this long congrats!

Till next time… stay cool dude! ;)

Oh btw Dixie Chicks rock!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Starla playing dead ;)

I taught this trick to Starla last night and wanted to know if she remembered in the morning. Starla is not just a good looker... she has brains as well! ;)

Monday, November 20, 2006

New Zealand 2

Yo guys...

just a quick update am i got a synergy meeting in about 15mins....

i had a short break today and i manage to sneak in an hour of fishing with Annie who is one of my team mates daughters. Check out the huge fish we caught!

For dinner we went to a cafe called 'Origins' and they had LAMB PIZZA! I suppose NZ is all about Sheep... a local told me that the last count is that they have 3 million ppl and 30 million sheep! Not sure if its true or not but that FUNNY!

This is the great view from the front of Heni's house. Heni is my dynamic leader in synergy for New Zealand. She is a Maouri and she taught me a few words.

Atwahua - Beautiful
Puroto - Handsome aka Chad (hehe!)
Hine - Girl/Young Woman
Hui - Party/Gathering
Kani kani - Dancing
Haere mai ki taku taha - Come to be beside me ;)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

New Zealand

Hi guys!

Im in New Zealand at the moment helping one of my Synergy Team mates with her team here. The ppl here are so nice and i really love the life style here. Heni was kind enough to let me stay at her home with her husband and her dog Levi.

Heni has been working me hard, we are having appointments from the morning to way into the night! Which is awesome for the whole team.

Today I managed to sneak out to have dinner at Angus Steak House in Auckland city. Check out the size of the steaks!

The prices of BANANAS in Sydney are crasy at some places its $16.99 a kg! Check out the prices of them in NZ... $1.69 a kg!!! Thats friggin cheap and I think im on my 3rd box of bananas... hehe ;)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weddings galore!

Thomas & Ihoun's Wedding

My number 1 male cousin in Australia and his bride Ihoun. This pic was taken on their new bed which I help put together along with the family. Thomas is cuz... his grand mother and my grand mother are sisters.

Me with my no1 female cuz in Australia Dena, Thomas and Ben. Man I look tall! Hehe

I thought this was a cool pic... dont i look like an under cover agent?

Ben and I had to drive to Melbourne to attend Thomas & Ihoun's wedding. The drive was pretty easy and short.... under 9hrs and hey presto your in Melbourne CBD! Over all the wedding was awesome, not having many relos in Australia, it was great to catch up with my cousin's and my aunts and uncles.

Eugene & Liyin's Wedding

These guys are one of the first dragon boating couples that got married! One thing that I found cheeky was at the wedding dinner, they tried to get out of drinking. Normally in Chinese weddings, there is the YUM SING part of the evening. Normally when the crowd does the YUM SING, the wedding couple drinks... but for them, they had to kiss! Nice one guys.... they stayed sober which meant that the first night as a couple was a night they could remember and Eugene could function properly! Hehe ;)

MISC Pictures taken since the last post

Shunde Dragon Boating Festival @ Darling Harbour. No pics of Dragon Boats, just Carrots and cars!

The boys looking GAY! Hehe!

Had lunch with some of the city folks! Sharon gazing into Clinto's eyes!

We got a new blender at home and I made a Strawberry Smoothie and Orange and poppy seed muffins!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Big ass bowl of noodles!

Had lunch with Becky aka Waaaaaaaa Lauuuuuu today in Strathfield at a place called Miss Saigon. Food there is pretty good and the servings are huge if you order a large bowl.

Check it out!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bigger than usual!

Stretch Mini

Becky aka Waaa Lauuu went with her lover Mel to Europe for a holiday. From all the pics that I was flicking through, the pic below caught my attention! This was taken in front of Versailles near Paris.

Ronnie Coleman
Mr Darren Long and me in my younger days when I was a lot DARKER! Hehehe

Man Ronnies biceps are bigger than Darren's head!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Noolde, Noodle, Nooulde

Went to dinner with some mates tonight and discovered that the menu had some spelling mistakes... take a look at how they spelled NOODLE:

Hmmm this makes me wonder if this was done on purpose or they got some screws loose in their heads ;)

Today I took the SLK for service and I was given a loan car (C180 Kompressor) to drive while the car is being looked at. Just a tip, if you do decide to buy a loan car from Mercedes, pls check to see if Chad Chong has used it before. If the answer is yes, then dont buy it! Haahaaa!

Who wouldnt trash a loan car? I think everyone would!

The C180 has more power than I imagined and it does go! VROOAMMMMMMMMM all the way mate! Im sad that I got to go back to normal driving after tomorrow ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Video Joke, friends visiting & golf update

Video Joke

You might have heard this one before but its still a classic! This is safe for you to open in the office.

Friends Visiting
Two of my families oldest friends are in town. They went to school with my brothers and they were high school sweethearts. They are married now with two kids.

Here are the kids having fun with Starla!

Golf update
I have recently started with another coach as I was finding it hard to keep up with my game with my coach being so far away in KL. So now I have a coach in KL and one here is Sydney.

How is it going?

My golf is suffering as this coach is literally changing my WHOLE CONCEPT on how I play golf. He is really changing my WHOLE SWING! Why am I doing this? The ideas that he has is to change me into a more consistent golfer. I really feel that this is a good thing and I have to stick it out for a few months before I can get back to how I was scoring before.

It is so frustrating because im basically starting golf as a beginner again and my handicap and score aren’t matching. I get pretty upset with myself but I keep on saying that this swing change is for the future of my golf.

Tiger Woods did it... so can I!

This image was created by KMAN

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mooncake Madness!

Sat night Isadora and Anthony invited us for a Mooncake celebration dinner which is always filled with very yummy food as Isadora is a great part time chef! Not only did we eat and drink but we had to get the lanterns out as well!

Shark fin soup, prawn crackers, soft shell crabs, Yong Tau Foo, Black pepper beef and a Nonya entree thingy.

After dinner we had ice kacang which I made myself! So yummy that I only thought abt the photo halfway through it!

After ice kacang, the main event! Mooncake! These mooncakes we had made by Isadora herself! They were super yummy!!!

After dinner Isadora made us all go out in the COLD to play with lanterns and sparklers! I felt like i was 13 again! In the beginning I was like... "What the?!" but then it was really fun... her neigbours didnt come out which really saved us looking weird!

I have never been to a mooncake festival without a lantern going up in flames! Thanks to Charlotte ;)

CC being silly using his camera and a sparkler.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Malaysia Fest 2006

A few Sundays ago, I had the honour of being the MC for Malaysia Fest 2006 @ Tumbalong Park Darling Harbour. This event is the biggest event in Australia to promote Malaysia through food and many cultural shows. I meant to post this up early but I didnt have the time. To find out more about Malaysia Fest you can visit their website.

On this day I was on the stage from 9am till pass 5pm and I didnt have the chance to eat! Cause I was too busy talking! :) I tried to be funny, but im not sure if that worked as I made a little kid cry on stage. Boo Hoo :(

It was pretty scary in the beginning MC'ing to tens of thousands of people but after a while, I didnt even notice that they were there. I kinda like being an MC, its pretty cool!