Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mooncake Madness!

Sat night Isadora and Anthony invited us for a Mooncake celebration dinner which is always filled with very yummy food as Isadora is a great part time chef! Not only did we eat and drink but we had to get the lanterns out as well!

Shark fin soup, prawn crackers, soft shell crabs, Yong Tau Foo, Black pepper beef and a Nonya entree thingy.

After dinner we had ice kacang which I made myself! So yummy that I only thought abt the photo halfway through it!

After ice kacang, the main event! Mooncake! These mooncakes we had made by Isadora herself! They were super yummy!!!

After dinner Isadora made us all go out in the COLD to play with lanterns and sparklers! I felt like i was 13 again! In the beginning I was like... "What the?!" but then it was really fun... her neigbours didnt come out which really saved us looking weird!

I have never been to a mooncake festival without a lantern going up in flames! Thanks to Charlotte ;)

CC being silly using his camera and a sparkler.


Kman said...

Looks like a jolly good night....gotta love lanterns what!! ,man i miss the good ole dragon ones in KL

monkeypants said...

nice sparkler photo!