Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And the winner is.... SIDDONEYYYY

LeChaddy is back in Sydney... been back for a couple of weeks and my apologies to you if i havent told ya.... been suffering from a bad case of jet lag.... unbelievably bad! Never this bad before... ok you guys get it :)

Since I have been back... besides getting over the jet lag... i have been taking little lala for walks... above is a pic of her showing off her beauty near Coogee beach. Now she is in season and I am thinking of mating her..... still not sure if i will yet but we will see.

Yesterday I went to the doctors to check out my shoulder that has been given me pain for years and recently its been taking longer to feel better... i guess its cos CC is getting old! Found out that its not my shoulder that hurts, its the bicep muscle that connects to the shoulder that is the issue! Boo! So as the doctor checked my blood pressure to see if I can take the medication, she found out that I have high blood pressure... 150/100 and man thats sucks! So now I have a much bigger issue then a sore bicep! So for the next few weeks I have to go into rehab to 'fix' this issue and this includes an ultra sound, medication, steroid injections, physio and other crap! So glad for medicare man! Saves me $$$$$, if this was in the US ill be broke!!!

So I decided I started my fitness training again and last night and this morning i started running!.... lets see how long this will last! ;) Hopefully for life cos this blood pressure is serious and I dont want to have a heart attach or a stroke!!!!! Then how am I suppose to play golf! ;)

If you are in Sydney... lets catch up... i am still having my same mobile number.

CC out