Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Big ass bowl of noodles!

Had lunch with Becky aka Waaaaaaaa Lauuuuuu today in Strathfield at a place called Miss Saigon. Food there is pretty good and the servings are huge if you order a large bowl.

Check it out!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bigger than usual!

Stretch Mini

Becky aka Waaa Lauuu went with her lover Mel to Europe for a holiday. From all the pics that I was flicking through, the pic below caught my attention! This was taken in front of Versailles near Paris.

Ronnie Coleman
Mr Darren Long and me in my younger days when I was a lot DARKER! Hehehe

Man Ronnies biceps are bigger than Darren's head!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Noolde, Noodle, Nooulde

Went to dinner with some mates tonight and discovered that the menu had some spelling mistakes... take a look at how they spelled NOODLE:

Hmmm this makes me wonder if this was done on purpose or they got some screws loose in their heads ;)

Today I took the SLK for service and I was given a loan car (C180 Kompressor) to drive while the car is being looked at. Just a tip, if you do decide to buy a loan car from Mercedes, pls check to see if Chad Chong has used it before. If the answer is yes, then dont buy it! Haahaaa!

Who wouldnt trash a loan car? I think everyone would!

The C180 has more power than I imagined and it does go! VROOAMMMMMMMMM all the way mate! Im sad that I got to go back to normal driving after tomorrow ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Video Joke, friends visiting & golf update

Video Joke

You might have heard this one before but its still a classic! This is safe for you to open in the office.

Friends Visiting
Two of my families oldest friends are in town. They went to school with my brothers and they were high school sweethearts. They are married now with two kids.

Here are the kids having fun with Starla!

Golf update
I have recently started with another coach as I was finding it hard to keep up with my game with my coach being so far away in KL. So now I have a coach in KL and one here is Sydney.

How is it going?

My golf is suffering as this coach is literally changing my WHOLE CONCEPT on how I play golf. He is really changing my WHOLE SWING! Why am I doing this? The ideas that he has is to change me into a more consistent golfer. I really feel that this is a good thing and I have to stick it out for a few months before I can get back to how I was scoring before.

It is so frustrating because im basically starting golf as a beginner again and my handicap and score aren’t matching. I get pretty upset with myself but I keep on saying that this swing change is for the future of my golf.

Tiger Woods did it... so can I!

This image was created by KMAN

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mooncake Madness!

Sat night Isadora and Anthony invited us for a Mooncake celebration dinner which is always filled with very yummy food as Isadora is a great part time chef! Not only did we eat and drink but we had to get the lanterns out as well!

Shark fin soup, prawn crackers, soft shell crabs, Yong Tau Foo, Black pepper beef and a Nonya entree thingy.

After dinner we had ice kacang which I made myself! So yummy that I only thought abt the photo halfway through it!

After ice kacang, the main event! Mooncake! These mooncakes we had made by Isadora herself! They were super yummy!!!

After dinner Isadora made us all go out in the COLD to play with lanterns and sparklers! I felt like i was 13 again! In the beginning I was like... "What the?!" but then it was really fun... her neigbours didnt come out which really saved us looking weird!

I have never been to a mooncake festival without a lantern going up in flames! Thanks to Charlotte ;)

CC being silly using his camera and a sparkler.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Malaysia Fest 2006

A few Sundays ago, I had the honour of being the MC for Malaysia Fest 2006 @ Tumbalong Park Darling Harbour. This event is the biggest event in Australia to promote Malaysia through food and many cultural shows. I meant to post this up early but I didnt have the time. To find out more about Malaysia Fest you can visit their website.

On this day I was on the stage from 9am till pass 5pm and I didnt have the chance to eat! Cause I was too busy talking! :) I tried to be funny, but im not sure if that worked as I made a little kid cry on stage. Boo Hoo :(

It was pretty scary in the beginning MC'ing to tens of thousands of people but after a while, I didnt even notice that they were there. I kinda like being an MC, its pretty cool!

Cuz in town

Dena, Chad, Debbi & CK @ Sydney Harbour

My cousin Debbi and her BF CK came to Sydney for a week and last friday we went for a Korean BBQ dinner. She sounds so much like her big sista Dena ;) This picture is meant to look like this :) Im just showing off my skills with the camera... not!

Debbi and CK flew all the way from Penang and what food did they want to eat? KOREAN! What the....? Thats a bit weird but hey arent we all?!

As you can see we ordered more than we could eat and if I didnt finish my food then we sure did order too much!