Sunday, October 15, 2006

Video Joke, friends visiting & golf update

Video Joke

You might have heard this one before but its still a classic! This is safe for you to open in the office.

Friends Visiting
Two of my families oldest friends are in town. They went to school with my brothers and they were high school sweethearts. They are married now with two kids.

Here are the kids having fun with Starla!

Golf update
I have recently started with another coach as I was finding it hard to keep up with my game with my coach being so far away in KL. So now I have a coach in KL and one here is Sydney.

How is it going?

My golf is suffering as this coach is literally changing my WHOLE CONCEPT on how I play golf. He is really changing my WHOLE SWING! Why am I doing this? The ideas that he has is to change me into a more consistent golfer. I really feel that this is a good thing and I have to stick it out for a few months before I can get back to how I was scoring before.

It is so frustrating because im basically starting golf as a beginner again and my handicap and score aren’t matching. I get pretty upset with myself but I keep on saying that this swing change is for the future of my golf.

Tiger Woods did it... so can I!

This image was created by KMAN


Kman said...

hahaha you have guts my friend but dont quit your day job :p thanks for the credit on the Tiger sig - Ill make a chad sig if you can get me some golf action shots ;)

The Chad said...

Thanks KMAN... ill note not to quit my day job that I dont even have ;) haha!