Sunday, November 26, 2006

Starla playing dead ;)

I taught this trick to Starla last night and wanted to know if she remembered in the morning. Starla is not just a good looker... she has brains as well! ;)

Monday, November 20, 2006

New Zealand 2

Yo guys...

just a quick update am i got a synergy meeting in about 15mins....

i had a short break today and i manage to sneak in an hour of fishing with Annie who is one of my team mates daughters. Check out the huge fish we caught!

For dinner we went to a cafe called 'Origins' and they had LAMB PIZZA! I suppose NZ is all about Sheep... a local told me that the last count is that they have 3 million ppl and 30 million sheep! Not sure if its true or not but that FUNNY!

This is the great view from the front of Heni's house. Heni is my dynamic leader in synergy for New Zealand. She is a Maouri and she taught me a few words.

Atwahua - Beautiful
Puroto - Handsome aka Chad (hehe!)
Hine - Girl/Young Woman
Hui - Party/Gathering
Kani kani - Dancing
Haere mai ki taku taha - Come to be beside me ;)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

New Zealand

Hi guys!

Im in New Zealand at the moment helping one of my Synergy Team mates with her team here. The ppl here are so nice and i really love the life style here. Heni was kind enough to let me stay at her home with her husband and her dog Levi.

Heni has been working me hard, we are having appointments from the morning to way into the night! Which is awesome for the whole team.

Today I managed to sneak out to have dinner at Angus Steak House in Auckland city. Check out the size of the steaks!

The prices of BANANAS in Sydney are crasy at some places its $16.99 a kg! Check out the prices of them in NZ... $1.69 a kg!!! Thats friggin cheap and I think im on my 3rd box of bananas... hehe ;)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weddings galore!

Thomas & Ihoun's Wedding

My number 1 male cousin in Australia and his bride Ihoun. This pic was taken on their new bed which I help put together along with the family. Thomas is cuz... his grand mother and my grand mother are sisters.

Me with my no1 female cuz in Australia Dena, Thomas and Ben. Man I look tall! Hehe

I thought this was a cool pic... dont i look like an under cover agent?

Ben and I had to drive to Melbourne to attend Thomas & Ihoun's wedding. The drive was pretty easy and short.... under 9hrs and hey presto your in Melbourne CBD! Over all the wedding was awesome, not having many relos in Australia, it was great to catch up with my cousin's and my aunts and uncles.

Eugene & Liyin's Wedding

These guys are one of the first dragon boating couples that got married! One thing that I found cheeky was at the wedding dinner, they tried to get out of drinking. Normally in Chinese weddings, there is the YUM SING part of the evening. Normally when the crowd does the YUM SING, the wedding couple drinks... but for them, they had to kiss! Nice one guys.... they stayed sober which meant that the first night as a couple was a night they could remember and Eugene could function properly! Hehe ;)

MISC Pictures taken since the last post

Shunde Dragon Boating Festival @ Darling Harbour. No pics of Dragon Boats, just Carrots and cars!

The boys looking GAY! Hehe!

Had lunch with some of the city folks! Sharon gazing into Clinto's eyes!

We got a new blender at home and I made a Strawberry Smoothie and Orange and poppy seed muffins!