Sunday, November 19, 2006

New Zealand

Hi guys!

Im in New Zealand at the moment helping one of my Synergy Team mates with her team here. The ppl here are so nice and i really love the life style here. Heni was kind enough to let me stay at her home with her husband and her dog Levi.

Heni has been working me hard, we are having appointments from the morning to way into the night! Which is awesome for the whole team.

Today I managed to sneak out to have dinner at Angus Steak House in Auckland city. Check out the size of the steaks!

The prices of BANANAS in Sydney are crasy at some places its $16.99 a kg! Check out the prices of them in NZ... $1.69 a kg!!! Thats friggin cheap and I think im on my 3rd box of bananas... hehe ;)

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