Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Noolde, Noodle, Nooulde

Went to dinner with some mates tonight and discovered that the menu had some spelling mistakes... take a look at how they spelled NOODLE:

Hmmm this makes me wonder if this was done on purpose or they got some screws loose in their heads ;)

Today I took the SLK for service and I was given a loan car (C180 Kompressor) to drive while the car is being looked at. Just a tip, if you do decide to buy a loan car from Mercedes, pls check to see if Chad Chong has used it before. If the answer is yes, then dont buy it! Haahaaa!

Who wouldnt trash a loan car? I think everyone would!

The C180 has more power than I imagined and it does go! VROOAMMMMMMMMM all the way mate! Im sad that I got to go back to normal driving after tomorrow ;)


KMAN said...

oh you poor devil - i feel soooo sorry for you that you have to go back to that crappy convertable heh heh :p

The Chad said...

Haha KMAN! Atleast i dont do spinouts on Cleveland St! ;)