Sunday, September 10, 2006

El Jannah

The Best BBQ Chicken in town!

Yesterday Gayle, Sarah, Edwin and I went on a road trip to Granville for some bbq chicken Lebanese style (I think its Lebanese or Turkish, if im wrong then its some kind of middle eastern bbq chook). Ive been here before and I really love it and this place is famous... well if you never heard of it then you do now! ;)

The best thing about this place is that it comes with yummy garlic sauce, pickles green and red/pink and Turkish bread. Its so yummy.. man my mouth is watering thinking about it!

Need I not say that at the end of it... all of our plates were so clean that they didnt need to wash it... umm not really! Hehe...

Tricia couldnt come so we took away for her 2 whole chickens, 1 tug of pickles, 1 tub of garlic sauce and Turkish bread. Also a another tapow for Ben ;)

The downer about this place that it is far... very far... about 45mins drive from my place. Look I even took a pick of the distance board on the way back from Granville.

The rain in Sydney continues and I didnt get to play golf again this weekend! :( I can only look at pics of golfers now since I can play :(

Here is a pic for you :)

This picture was taken on the 2nd July 06 on the 1st tee box old course at RSGC during a teams tournament, RSGC vs KGNS. I was representing RSGC (Royal Selangor GOlf Club).


Kman said...

Hey you should have taken a hole by hole pic lah!! then i can see my fav course in the whole world and see how it has been developed :( I guess ill have to go back and have a game

Kman said...

OH YAH!! nice swing man!!

Anonymous said...

How is your 'pro golfer' ambition going Chaddie?
Kim (London)

The Chad said...

Hey Kman.... love the swing? Well that shoot went straight down the middle of the fairway! Yee haa!!

Hey Kimbo... ya golf is going good... im not a pro yet and if i do seriously become one it could be atleast 2-3yrs from now... not that easy :) Cant wait to catch up with you!