Saturday, September 09, 2006

Late night entry

2am and im kinda hooked with my blog. Went for poker tonight at Wayne's place and i brought my camera along to take photos of the night.

Was this a sad act on my side? Hmmm....

Dougie the winner of the 1st tournament and the 2nd I think cause i left when it was heads up and Dougie was infront with the chip count. Chieh in the back ground showing his love for Dougie ;)

Dougie's chip stack and winnings!

Super Starla
My little baby Starla love me so much. She always waits for her daddy to go to bed before she does. Im always on my pc on the dining table downstairs and she always waits for me on the chair behind the dining table.

She is doing it right now.... will take some pics.

Isnt she cute?!

Dragon Boating
Ok its late and I got to get up early tomorrow as I have Dragon Boat Training! Yes Dragon Boating season has started and tomorrow is the first official training session for my team Naga Spirit.

Bed time for CC.... laters!


Lilian said...

Aww widdle starla warla. Come join the I hate your daddy club

The Chad said...

What?! I hate your daddy club? WHats dat abt?

Kman said...

Awwwwwwwww Starla uncle will comeover and play with you soon and sayang you to the max.......goolie goolieeeeeee!!

Cheech said...

damn poker was rigged.. i didn't win!! ahahah.. if i won it wouldn't be rigged.. chad you played good but didn't bring it home.. play again soon

The Chad said...

Ya cheech.... lets play soon.. next time lets make sure that we sms fast enough to rig the game! hehe...

Starla's Mummy said...

Daddy likes to make starla feel good by scratching her bum bum