Monday, September 18, 2006

Are you connected?

LeChaddy searching for some deals
Im in the search for a new plasma tv and a DvD HDD Recorder. So if you know anyone that can help me get it cheap then im all ears! :)

After the weekend research with my brother ben, we kinda set our hopes on a LG 42" plasma, you know the one in the add with the fish? But after some more research and some side to side comparison with the Panasonic 42" it was very clear that the Panasonic was much better... even the Standard Definition Panasonic was much clearer than the LG High Definition Plasma! So now we are kinda set on the Panasonic...

So if you know anyone that can help with a Panasonic TH42PV60A 42inch Plasma then let me know asap! :) Here is a pic of the plasma...

The next upgrade is also a DVD Recorder with a Hard Drive, so that I can record all the cool stuff on tv and watch it later.... im also upgrading my foxtel to FoxtelIQ which is soo cool!!! No i can just find out when all the golf programs are on and set it to my FoxtelIQ and it will record it for me. This will definitely make me use my foxtel more... its all about getting the most bang for your dollar.

So if you know anyone that can get deals on DVD HDD Recorders then give me a buzz as well ;)

Crave Coffee ROCKS!
Man Crave Coffee is so so yummy! After coming back from KL, I feel in love with an Australian Coffee Company called DOME which you cant find in Sydney only in Western Australia and parts of Asia including Malaysia.

Since I couldnt find DOME in Sydney, ive been looking for a bean that I would like... and Crave Coffee has fulfilled my coffee expectations!

Golf is HOT!
Played some of my best golf last week... broke a personal record last Thursday and yesterday I broke it again! For the golfers out there... I have 4 birdies and no boggies in the first 9 holes... No idea why things are working... must be the Pump classes that im attending at Fitness First :) hehehe NOT!

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