Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rain rain rain

Sydney is known as a beautiful city with lots of sunshine! Utter crap! Check out the weather report for the next 4 days!

The worse thing about rain is:
- I cant play GOLF!
- Cant take Super Starla for her walks!
- Makes me want to sleep in more!

Ok the last point is not that bad. Sleeping while its raining outside is very relaxing and calming ;)

Paul's trip to KL
Pauly came to KL for 10 days last month. It was his first trip to KL and he really enjoyed his stay judging from the amount of booze he drunk ;) either it was to drown his unhappiness of KL or to live it up as KL is da boom! Hehe but he did tell me many times that he loves KL! Or should I say, 'KL is mad!'...

All we did was party every single night to 4am and some nights we sleep at 7am! Here are some photos.

- Digging into some traditional Indian Banana Leaf Rice. This place was in a full on local Indian joint. We were the only non-Indians.
- Spent a night at Genting Highlands gambling and this was the meal on the way home from Genting.

- Sugir with Paul at Luna bar. This bar is on the roof top of a hotel in KL City. Its an open air bar with a swimming pool and KL Twin Towers behind as a back drop... beautiful!
- Paul at Zouk in Singapore where my mate Felicia bought Paul a WHOLE JUG of Whisky Water!

- Joanna, Paul & Lilian at Passion/Poppy night club. Paul looking pretty trashed and the girls just looking pretty ;)
- Nick's Mitshubishi EVO Lancer racing through the streets of KL!

Will update you guys more through the week. Can just tell you everything now ;)


FireAngel said...

Ola!! When are we meeting up again you prick! It's your old vulgar SUAMS treasurer here btw. :)

Paul said...

Chad cant wait to travel again to KL, next time maybe go to west coast? cool clubs up there and very nice Malay ladies haha!

The Chad said...

Elaine i smsed you when i was back! and you didnt reply me! Now who is the bitch?! ;)

Pauly west coast? You mean east coast! Hehehe KL is in the west and where you want to go is the east of Malaysia ;)

Paul said...

Oh ok east coast, thats what i meant! hehe i took that pic of the evo! in the rain!

The Chad said...

Pauly... sick bro... EAST SIDE! :D

Lilian said...

Shit..I think II look like a SPG! UGH!

fel said...

it was whisky dry mate ;)

The Chad said...

Oh my apologies! ;)

Kman said...

Damn I miss KL soooooooo much all the food, RSGC, golf, the lifestyle and not forgetting the spg's :P

Anonymous said...

Thats not nice! I think Paulie looks really pretty too... I mean how can you look past those beautiful long dark botticellian locks. He looking fabulously fabio-ish

arsyad said...