Wednesday, September 27, 2006

OH WFT? & Sharzy

Im not trying to be rude.. but check out the photo!

I was walking the streets after golf and saw this hot RX8 with the number plate, 'OH WTF' I couldnt believe it so i took a pic using my phone! You would think that the RTA would have not allowed this plate to be created... but im guessing that the guys behind the desk arent with DA TIMES HOMIE G! ;)

I wonder who could guess the race behind the wheel? If you get it right, you will get a prize!

Well I was away during Shars big ?0 birthday... why did I do '?' im sure by looking at her you could guess that she is 20... so since it is a big number for birthdays... i took her out for a nice lunch at the Sydney Fish Markets....

Did you know:
- The 1st hour parking at the fish markets is FREE now... not sure if its weekends as well but it should be.
- Doyles now has a take away section next to their dine in section.

Shar and her seafood platter!

Golf update
Hmmm as some of you might know that I had a NSW Ameautur event last Sat and the main reason why i have not updated my blog is because i SCREWED up big time! :( I was so sad after that day and couldnt/didnt want to do an update. Played a comp today and things are ok but not liek the form i had 3 weeks ago.

As such i have started with a new coach on a weekly basis in hope to improve and to stay consistent.


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