Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sex and the city

So last night i went to see this movie which I thought I wouldn't like at all! As Mitch (May's brother) said it was; "Porn for girls". So I went into the theater expecting the worse. To my surprise, I was pretty impressed with the underlying story but some scenes were out of the XXX section at blockbuster. But I did enjoy the movie and it was a movie and luckily it did not feel like it was another tv episode. If this is the last thing they do, I have to say that they left it in true style and I give this a movie a thumbs up!

Ok just reread what I wrote and for people who read this that dont know me (I doubt it), I am a straight shooter... if you know what i mean!

Just a quick update.....



Bex said...

straight shooter? is that different from a c*cksucking cowboy shooter? hehe

LeChaddy said...

waaaa lauuuuuuuuu dirty girl!!!!!!!!!!! I know you dont care which shooter you get right????? hehehe

The Ryan said...

lechaddy, it's time to update your blog buddy. basketball at church has been too easy without you haha.